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JPEF Geriatrics CME: 27 May 2017

Jothydev’s Professional Education Forum (JPEF) and P.Kesavadev Trust conducted JPEF Geriatrics CME on 27 May 2017 in association with Geriatric Society of India at Apollo Dimora. ‘Life after 70 years’ was the topic at a panel discussion for the national JPEF CME. Experts were of the opinion that effective preventive care should start right at the age of 30 years or even before that. Detection of familial illnesses, adult vaccinations, systematic treatment of already prevailing diseases despite the absence of symptoms, are all essential factors to ensure health in old age.

Dr.Rajasekharan Nair, retired Professor of Neurology, inaugurated the one-day national event. In his inaugural lecture, he spoke about the necessity for early recognition of causes for the decline in memory since, many of them are treatable causes. Dr.Benny P.V of Sree Gokulam Medical College discussed the pros and cons of old age homes for elderly. Though many in their old age may prefer own homes to an old age home, this is not the case with those who require assistance for their day to day living. The later may enjoy the environment of old age homes provided they are well maintained and well run to suit the individual's requirements.

Dr.K.A Kumar, Retired Professor of Psychiatry, pointed out that any unusual behaviour in old age, may it be an extrovert behaviour, should be brought to the attention of the family physician since this can be a sign of a psychiatric illness. Dr.Roy R Chandran from Govt.Medical College, Alleppey shared tips for staying fit in old age.

Dr.Ramnathan Iyer, Sleep Specialist from Mumbai, emphasized the need for assessing the quantity and quality of sleep in the elderly people since it largely contributes to their quality of life. Dr.Muthu Kumaran Jayapaul from Chennai, emphasized the necessity of avoiding low sugars in subjects above the age of 60 years and to adopt therapies in diabetes which are safe and effective. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, underscored the importance of the physician trained in the care of elderly to monitor and supervise since most of them are getting treated by multiple specialists and hence there can be duplication and chances of drug-drug interactions. A family physician or an expert in Geriatrics can go through medications prescribed by multiple doctors, assess their safety, avoid duplications and, prevent drug and drug-drug interactions. Dr.Vasudevan Potty spoke about sexual health in old age, a neglected speciality in medical practice in developing countries and ways and means of improving it.

Consensus panel agreed with international guidelines on choosing treatments for illnesses in the elderly based on their biological age and not based on their real age, the reason being, a 67-year-old individual can have a functional age of 45 years whereas another person will have a functional age of 80 years.

The sessions were chaired by Dr.S Madhusudanan, Dr.Ramesan Pillai, Dr.Thomas Titus and Dr.Arun Shankar. Jothydev’s Professional Education Forum Secretary, Ms Gopika Krishnan welcomed the gathering. Ms Sunitha Jothydev, Secretary, P.Kesavadev Trust offered vote of thanks.

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