Combined training most effective in type 2 diabetes

A systematic review of randomised controlled trials comparing the effects of aerobic exercise training (AET), resistance training (RT) and combined training (CT) on glycaemic control and blood lipids in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus have found combined training might be the most efficacious exercise modality to improve glycaemic control and blood lipids.

A total of 14 trials enrolling 915 participants were included. AET was fund to be more effective than RT in improving HbA1c levels and fasting glucose. Compared with AET, CT resulted in a significantly more pronounced reduction in HbA1c. Compared with RT, the mean deviation of the change in HbA1c , fasting glucose and triacylglycerols were all in favour of CT.

Low quality of the studies included and the limited information on the clinically important outcomes or adverse effects of exercise may be considered as drawbacks to this meta analysis.

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