Diabetes India 2019 Congress is planned to be conducted at Jaipur from 28th February to 3rd March 2019. All our interested readers may please save the dates. Organizers have also invited applications from young physicians practicing diabetes to join Young Diabetologists "Genious" group program and from adults with T1DM to join for Young Leaders in DiabetesIndia program.

Diabetes India Task Force has created and published the Indian Clinical Guidelines for CGM to make more physicians and patients in India aware of the advantages, clinical indications, accuracy evaluation of the technology and interpretation of the CGM results.

A recent study has introduced a new metric time in range (TIR), derived from continuous glucose monitoring and it seems to be strongly related to microvascular complication risks in individuals with diabetes and is predicted to be a valuable outcome measure in clinical trials.

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World Diabetes Month Nov 2018: Kesavadev Trust and Jothydev's Diabetes Hospitals,Kerala


9th World Congress of Diabetes, DiabetesIndia, Jaipur 28th February-3rd March 2019
9th World Congress of Diabetes “DIABETESINDIA 2019” will be held from 28th February–3rd March 2019 at Jaipur, the ‘Pink City, Paris of India’, renowned........READ MORE

Measuring Time in Range During CGM May Be Useful Outcome Metric for Clinical Trials
Derived from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), the metric time in range (TIR), defined as 70 to 180 mg/dL (3.9 to 10 mmol/L), was found........READ MORE

Frequent Vitamin B12 Screening May Prevent Irreversible Nerve Damage in T2D
Patients with type-2 diabetes, taking metformin, should have their vitamin B12 levels assessed frequently to avoid irreversible nerve damage, according to a new study presented at the Society for Endocrinology annual conference in Glasgow. The study findings........READ MORE

Revolutionary Nitric Oxide Technology Heals Diabetic Foot Ulcers Lightning Fast
A biomedical engineering team from Michigan Technical University is planning to drop the healing time by amplifying what the body already does naturally: build layers of new tissue pumped up by nitric oxide. In patients with diabetes, impaired nitric oxide........READ MORE

Try Express Weightlifting! It Benefits Your Health a Lot
A study from Iowa State University, which is published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, finds that lifting weights for less than an hour a week may reduce your risk ........READ MORE

Consensus and Recommendations on Continuous Glucose Monitoring in India
Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology has evolved tremendously in recent years, and has become an effective complement to traditional blood glucose monitoring (BGM) methods, and is now a days widely used in the clinical setting........READ MORE

Obesity Proven to Cause Depression
New research released from the University of South Australia and the University of Exeter, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology in the UK has found the strongest evidence yet that obesity causes depression, even in the absence........READ MORE

Gems Picture of the Month
JDC Diabetes Gems Completes 10 Successful Years........READ MORE

Drug Updates
Adjunct Dapagliflozin Effective in Long-Term in Patients With Inadequately Controlled Type 1 Diabetes | Liraglutide Has Cardiovascular Benefits Across Older Age Groups........READ MORE

Recipe of the Month
Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries........READ MORE

JDC Updates
The theme chosen for World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2018-19 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was Family and Diabetes. WDD was originally created in 1991........READ MORE

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