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1. HF after diabetes diagnosis increases mortality risk

A recent study on the effect of HF development on prognosis in patients with T2D draws the remark that HF development, at any year since the diagnosis of T2D is, was associated with the highest 5-year absolute and relative risk of death, and decrease in lifespan within 5 years, when compared with development of other cardiovascular or renal diagnoses. Patients with new T2D diagnosis patients were identified between 1998 and 2015 through Danish nationwide registers. At yearly landmark time points after T2D diagnosis, researchers estimated the 5-year risks of death, 5-year risk ratios, and decrease in lifespan within 5 years associated with the development of HF, ischemic heart disease, stroke, peripheral artery disease, and chronic kidney disease. A total of 153 403 patients with newly diagnosed T2D were followed for a median of 9.7 years (interquartile range, 5.8–13.9).

      The 5-year risk ratio of death associated with HF development 5 years after T2D diagnosis was observed to be three times higher (CI, 2.9–3.1) than patients free of diagnoses (CI, 2.9–3.1). Five-year risk ratios were lower for ischemic heart disease (1.3 [1.3–1.4]), stroke (2.2 [2.1–2.2]), chronic kidney disease (1.7 [1.7–1.8]), and peripheral artery disease (2.3 [2.3–2.4]). The corresponding decrease in lifespan within 5 years when compared with patients free of diagnoses (in months) was HF 11.7 (11.6–11.8), ischemic heart disease 1.6 (1.5–1.7), stroke 6.4 (6.3–6.5), chronic kidney disease 4.4 (4.3–4.6), and peripheral artery disease 6.9 (6.8–7.0).

      The study underlines the fact that HF in combination with any other diagnosis imposes high mortality risk span compared with other combinations.

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