9. JDC Updates

TECHJPEF 2018: 21, 22 March 2018

The first ever 2 day Diabetes Technology Certification Program(TechJPEF) was organised by Jothydev’s Professional Education Forum(JPEF) in association with DiabetesIndia and P.Kesavadev Trust. This national program attracted attendance from professionals working with diabetes from various states in India.

“Though there were more than 30 new medications for diabetes, the overall outcome has not changed with 60-75% of patients still developing heart attacks, kidney disease, blindness etc. The only solution to ensure education, adherence to advice on diet, exercise, monitoring and medications will be to use approved technologies in diabetes” said Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev Course Director of Tech JPEF. Contrary to the popular CME events, there were extensive demonstrations and workshops of various existing technologies in India.

There were hands on session on insulin pens, pumps and new gen Artificial Pancreas, new glucose meters connected to mobile phone apps, apps for the management of diabetes etc. Dr.Manoj Chawla from Mumbai demonstrated the steps in downloading and interpreting CGM data. He also lectured on Basics and indications and contraindications of insulin pump therapy. Dr.Jothydev lectured on BOT enabled apps and existing technological innovations in diabetes and also presented on the superiority of insulin pumps when compared to MDI. Dr.Ritu Johari spoke on 14 days' iCGM and Dr.Kiran detailed the merits of the glucometers being integrated with mobile phone apps. Dr.Manjunatha lectured on steps to train a patient on pens and Dr.Bhargav Sosale lectured on 'Diagnosing Retinopathy with Artificial Intelligence'. Gopika Krishnan enumerated the top 10 errors in insulin injection techniques which is one of the major reasons for poor control of blood glucose despite being on higher and higher doses of insulin. Dr.Vinay Mukhekar spoke on the various functionalities of the pump. 3.5 credit hours were allotted by TC Medical Council for the 2-day program.

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JPEF Pitch Insulin Intensification Workshop: 17 March, 2018

DiabetesIndia endorsed JPEF Pitch Insulin intensification workshop was held at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn on 17 March 2018. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev spoke on 'Setting the Context- insulin intensification.' The workshops discussed the various insulin regimes and were facilitated by Dr.Rohit Warrier, Dr.Arjun Nair and Gopika Krishnan. Dr. Santhakumari, Dr.Sajith and Dr.Pramod presented the key points from each group. The 'Way Forward' was discussed by Dr.Jothydev.

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