1. Unproven Therapies for Diabetes and Their Implications

This review article on the use of unproven therapies for diabetes, initiated from Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centre and published in ‘Advances in Therapy’ journal calls for patient and physician-targeted awareness programs on various aspects of complementary and alternative medicine use and formulation of guidelines to ensure their safety and effectiveness.


Diabetes is a chronic disease and is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Being an ancient disease, many individuals follow complementary and alternative medicinal (CAM) therapies for either the cure or prevention of the disease. The popularity of these practices among the general public is in no way a testimony to their safety and efficacy. Due to the possibility of undesirable interactions with conventional medicines, it is imperative that patients are asked about CAM use during patient assessment. Patient- and physician-targeted awareness programs on various aspects of CAM use must be initiated to create a better understanding of evidence-based use of these practices. In addition, there should be guidelines in place based on clinical trial outcomes, and stricter regulations need to be enforced on CAM practices to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

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