1. Artificial Pancreas and Outdoor Exercises in Kids

A randomized controlled trial shows light on how closed-loop control (CLC) systems (Artificial Pancreas) in T1D adolescents offers better glycemic control during long winter sports activities at high altitudes.

Researchers conducted the study in 32 T1D adolescents who participated in a 5-day ski camp. Skiing is an activity where participants meet up with many challenges such as intense prolonged physical activity, cold, altitude, and stress/fear/excitement. Half of the participants were provided with University of Virginia (UVa)–CLC system and other participants were provided with a remotely monitored sensor-augmented pump (RM-SAP).

When compared for the whole study period, significant improvements were seen in the CLC using group as compared to RM-SAP group such as percent time in optimum glucose range (+6.6%, P = 0.005, with maximum effect late at night), lesser hypoglycaemia (P = 0.001), lesser carbohydrate treatments (P = 0.007) etc. No adverse events were reported in the CLC group and all the participants provided an overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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