FreeStyle Libre-Libre,Libre 2,Libre 3

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Three Generations of FreeStyle Libre-Libre, Libre 2, Libre 3

FreeStyle Libre-Libre,Libre 2,Libre 3

The FreeStyle Libre is a personal continuous glucose monitoring system where a small sensor is worn on the back of the upper arm which automatically monitors glucose day and night. The sensor lasts two weeks, and the user can get a glucose value by scanning the sensor with a reader. The current glucose value (which is measured every minute) is displayed upon scanning, along with a trend arrow indicating the direction of glucose change and a tracing of the glucose numbers over the last eight hours. The data can also be downloaded for more extensive analysis such as mean glucose, glucose management indicator (GMI), time in range (TIR), etc.

      Second Gen: The U.S. FDA cleared FreeStyle Libre 2 system as an integrated CGM (iCGM) offering more features, including Bluetooth connectivity and optional real-time alarms to alert when glucose levels get too high or low. Like the original FreeStyle Libre, FreeStyle Libre 2 has a 14-day wear, is factory-calibrated (no fingerstick calibrations required) with a one hour warm-up time, and is scanned with the reader device (the reader for FreeStyle Libre 2 is blue, instead of black).

      Third Gen: FreeStyle Libre 3 system automatically delivers real-time, up-to-the-minute glucose readings, unsurpassed 14-day accuracy and optional glucose alarms directly to smartphones. Libre 3 is the thinnest and smallest continuous glucose monitor in the world, at the size of two stacked U.S. pennies.

      FreeStyle Libre System soon getting launched in India comes with new algorithm and provides 92.8% of the results within ±20mg/dL/±20% of the venous plasma reference with an overall MARD of 9.2%.
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