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Stigma for type 1 diabetes: shame upon us!

Is there still a stigma associated with type 1 diabetes?
Recently in Kerala, a subject with type 1 diabetes on insulin pump therapy was denied admission to a Nursing College. Obviously, the authorities were not aware either of the advances in therapies or were still scared of short term complications. It is high time that the society is widely educated about the best therapy choices for diabetes in children. Those subjects on insulin pump therapy or on 4 or more injections per day and checking their blood glucose values in glucometer 5 or 6 times daily are suspected by the society as having severe form of diabetes.

On the contrary, these are the subjects on safe and better therapies and who will not develop complications of the disease and have normal lifespan. Whereas those patients who hide the disease and are only on 1 or 2 injections per day and not checking the blood glucose multiple times a day are the ones who are on sub optimal therapies and with possibilities of developing complications in future.

In the picture are seen Dr.MK Muneer along with Dr.Jothydev. Dr.Muneer represents the Kozhikode South constituency in the legislative assembly and is the former state minister. He himself being an MBBS doctor has raised this issue in his Facebook page.

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