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JPEF Mini CME 2016:13 Feb 2016

Jothydev's Professional Education Forum(JPEF) Mini CME organised by P.Kesavadev Trust was held at Travancore Heritage on 13th Feb 2016 from 7 pm. Dr. Shaukat Sadikot, President International Diabetes Federation lectured on 'Addressing the unmet needs in managing diabetes dyslipidemia'. Dr. Arun Shankar, Center Head, JDC Trivandrum chaired the session.

Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev lectured on 'How long can insulin shots be delayed: Practice vs Protocol.' The session was chaired by Dr.C. Jayakumari, Associate Professor, Department of Endocrinology, Govt.Medical College, Trivandrum. Dr. KR Santhosh Head, Department of Interventional Cardiology PRS Hospital, Trivandrum spoke on 'Current AHA, ADA,AACE Guidelines on the use of prevention of ASCVD in diabetes.' The session was chaired by Dr. Benny P.V, Professor, Sree Gokulam Medical College, Trivandrum. More than 40 doctors participated in the evening CME.

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International Diabetes Federation President felicitated: 13 Feb 2016

The newly appointed President of the International Diabetes Federation(IDF) Dr.Shaukat Sadikot was felicitated at an educational meeting for doctors in Trivandrum organised by P. Kesavadev Trust and Jothydev's Professional Education Forum at Travancore Heritage on 13 Feb 2016.

IDF is an umbrella organization of around 230 diabetes organisations spread across 180 countries. IDF is associated with United Nations and World Health Organization. After its formation in 1950, this is the first time an Indian citizen is being elected as the President of IDF.

Dr.Sadikot in his lecture raised genuine concern of growing number of subjects with diabetes and this disease resulting in one death once in every 6 seconds. Unlike in the past, it has become the major cause of blindness, heart attacks and kidney damage. All the efforts at prevention and saving the cost need to be implemented at all levels. Physical activity and healthy diet need to be practiced across all ages. Increasing waist circumference or abdominal obesity is the easiest risk factor one can identify for themselves and control before it is too much.

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev lectured on modalities to reduce the cost and long term complications of diabetes. Dr.Santhosh KR(Cardiologist, PRS hospital), Dr.C.Jayakumari(Medical College,Trivandrum), Dr.Benny P.V(Gokulam Medical College), Dr.Arun Shankar, Sunitha Jothydev, Gopika Krishnan(JDC) also spoke. Physicians from various parts of Kerala participated in the educational program.

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