8.Device Updates

Dexcom G6 Provides Accurate 10-Day Readings in a New Trial

Frequent use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems is proven to improve glycemic outcomes in diabetes affected individuals, but the need for calibrations and sensor insertions are often barriers to adoption. A recently conducted clinical trial evaluated the performance of Dexcom G6, a sixth-generation, factory-calibrated CGM system specified for 10-day wear.

In this study, 262 adults and children having either type 1 or type 2 diabetes used the device for 10 days. Their continuous blood glucose readings were then compared with glucose readings of matched control participants taken in a laboratory setting. Similar results were observed among the G6 and non-G6 groups when establishing the mean difference between blood glucose readings. The system's “Urgent Low Soon” (predictive of hypoglycemia within 20min) hypoglycemia alert was correctly provided 84% of the time within 30 min before impending biochemical hypoglycemia (70mg/dL). The 10-day sensor survival rate was found to be 87%. The trial concluded that the new factory-calibrated G6 real-time CGM system provides accurate readings for 10 days and removes several clinical barriers to broader CGM adoption.

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Tandem Diabetes Announces US Launch of t:slim X2 with PLGS Feature

Tandem Diabetes Care®, Inc. the manufacturer of the only touchscreen insulin pumps with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) integration, has announced the launch of t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ™ Technology, a predictive low glucose suspend (PLGS) feature. This is the first automated insulin delivery system approved for use by children as young as 6 years old, and the first insulin pump designated as compatible with integrated CGM (iCGM) devices. t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump is integrated with the Dexcom G6® CGM System, which requires no fingersticks for calibration or diabetes treatment decisions. Tandem’s Basal-IQ algorithm is designed to predict where glucose levels are heading 30 minutes in advance. The device suspends insulin delivery when low glucose is predicted, then automatically resumes insulin delivery once glucose levels begin to rise. The Basal-IQ feature has no complicated settings to manage and operates without constant input or interaction. The t:slim X2 Pump is up to 38% smaller than other pumps, yet can hold up to 300-units of insulin.

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