An Apple Watch ECG saves a life

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An Apple Watch ECG saves a life

The picture of the month is allied to an experience on how Apple watch ECG saved a life. Let's look into the experience.

"An Apple Watch ECG saves a life"

Yes, it is an incredible experience and hence I am sharing it with my friends; how a remote monitoring technology could save a life during this pandemic.

      A 51 year old individual introduced himself to me as a patient with diabetes. He narrated 'some sort of a discomfort' while climbing stairs. He couldn't do proper exercise during the last four months ever since the lockdown started. I realised that he is using an Apple iPhone. I enquired about the possibility of sending me a single lead ECG from his Apple Watch if he has one. He replied that he will procure a new Apple watch immediately and I gave the instructions on how to record an ECG and send it to me.

      What you see in the pictures are the baseline ECG and ECG after climbing the stairs!! I did a Tele consultation with my friend Cardiologist, Dr.Anand Pillai and requested to assist the patient. His response was quick and admirable.

      Apple watch ECG is originally meant only for detecting atrial fibrillation. But in emergencies and during this pandemic, manipulating the plethora of benefits offered by a new technology could be a game changer!

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