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We are releasing the second issue of our monthly Diabetes News Letter (December 2008)from Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre titled "JDC Diabetes Gems". Response to our first issue has been overwhelming. If in case you are not interested in receiving this news letter, kindly reply with "delete" in the subject line.
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JDC Diabetes Gems Team
Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre
Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA
1. The fattening truth about fast foods
2. Diabetic women are more prone to die after heart attack
3. Why Diabetes treatment fails?
4. How to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes
Balanced Diet: A key step towards healthy eating
Are you Physically Active?
5. High non fasting triglycerides- an emerging risk factor for heart attack and stroke
6. HbA1C – Kidney disease co-relation even in the absence of albuminuria and retinopathy
7. JDC Updates
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The Newsletter team:
Chief Editor
Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev
Sub Editor Dr. Arun Shankar
Editor Neethu Annie Simon
This newsletter is published for free distribution through the Internet for doctors, patients and public for promoting healthy lifestyles. For enquiries, please contact Sunitha Jothydev, CAO, Jothydev’s Diabetes Centre, Trivandrum - Please visit:
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