7. Drug Updates

FiaspĀ® wins EU approval

FiaspĀ® the fast-acting insulin aspart has won European Union approval. Fiasp is an ultra-fast rapid-acting insulin aspart for the treatment of diabetes in adults, as the bolus component of basal-bolus therapy in combination with basal insulin and for continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion via an insulin pump. It is an innovative faster formulation of insulin aspart that more closely mimics the physiological insulin response around meals.

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Will 'smart' patch that automatically deliver insulin become a reality?

Scientists are in the process of developing a painless 'smart' patch that monitors blood glucose and releases insulin when levels climb too high. The device has been tested on mice.

A glucose-responsive insulin delivery device, which integrates H2O2-responsive polymeric vesicles (PVs) with a transcutaneous microneedle-array patch was prepared to achieve a fast response, excellent biocompatibility, and painless administration. In the current study, insulin release responds quickly to elevated glucose and its kinetics can be modulated by adjusting the concentration of glucose oxidase loaded into the microneedles. In vivo testing indicates that a single patch can regulate glucose levels effectively with reduced risk of hypoglycemia.

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