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2. Utility of a glucose meter with bluetooth and web connectivity
in aiding physicians and patients achieve better glycemic levels

      This study was presented from Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centre, Trivandrum at the 13th ATTD Global Conference, Madrid, Spain. The research team headed by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev included Gopika Krishnan, Dr. Arun Shankar, Dr. Ashwin David Ashok, Jisha Shamsudeen, Kavitha Thampiraj, Akhila Manu and Sunitha Jothydev.

      The One Touch Reveal (OTR) web application allows patients and HCPs to track progress and changes in glycemic control to support both self management and therapy decisions by summarizing BG or insulin data, displaying color coded trends and low or high BG patterns. The primary objective of our study was to assess changes in glycemic control and overall experiences of patients using the app in conjunction with bluetooth enabled OneTouch Verio Flex blood glucose meter (OTV).

      In this study subjects were >18 years of age, diagnosed with T1DM (n=13) or T2DM (n=47) with an A1c < 11% were selected. Glucose readings were instantly captured in the smartphone and web applications for the patient and physicians, thereby reducing the time frame required for a clinical decision making.

      Subjects had a mean age of 45.3±14.6 years and duration of diabetes of 12.9 ±10.6 years. At the end of 12 weeks, mean A1c decreased by 0.5% (p≤0.05). 78% of the subjects expressed visualization of the colour coded trends and graphs as a motivation to continue SMBG. 67% of the patients attributed better adherence to the fact that the glycemic trends were visible to their HCPs in real time. 23% of the patients found the OTR app helpful in titrating the dosage of insulin.

      The study findings showed that OTR ecosystem via its bluetooth connectivity, mobile and web apps provides a broader data and actionable information for the patients and physicians. If an extra time is spent for interpreting the patterns and color coded information, it results in significant reduction in glycemic burden at no extra cost.

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