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4. Are parents of Type 1 diabetes patients diabetes device friendly?

      Even though, diabetes devices and its advancements always claims benefits in the management and care of diabetes, using up of diabetes device such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) remains quite low. The providers of these devices considered only the needs and concerns of the users but not of the caregivers especially parents of children with diabetes. An online survey based study attempted to identify profiles of parents of youth with type 1 diabetes based on their attitudes toward diabetes-specific technology and barriers to diabetes technology uptake.

      The study team gathered information from an online survey data from 471 parents in the T1D Exchange Clinic Network. The age of children was 12.0 ± 3.2 years with a diabetes duration of 7.0 ± 2.9 years; A1c = 8.4% ± 1.3 were selected. Among them 75% are using insulin pump and 27% are using CGM. The statistical analysis was done using K-means cluster analyses, ANOVAs and chi-square tests.

      K-means cluster analyses revealed five parent profiles. Among the parents of children who are using diabetes devices 50.7% were found to be Embracers of the devices, 15.7% were identified as burdened, 14.2% were observed as hopeful but hassled, 12.7% were with the profile of Distrusting and 6.6% were Data Minimalists. ANOVAs and chi-square tests identified differences between groups based on diabetes distress, worry over hypoglycemia, device use, and demographic characteristics.

      The study findings put forward the suggestion that diabetes device providers should also consider these distinct groups of parents their concerns and needs which will tailor better benefits in encouraging the uptake of diabetes management and care devices.

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