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9. JDC Update

February 7, 2020: Gokulam AIAARO update 2020

      Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation (SGMC), in association with AIAARO Kerala Chapter organized a one day state conference on ‘COMBAT OBESITY’ at SGMC, Trivandrum on 7thFebruary, 2020. Around 120 delegates from different disciplines attended the program.

      The scientific program started at 8 am with the Oral/Poster presentation of Post graduate medical students. Dr Elizabeth K.E, Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics, Sree Mookambika Institute of Medical Sciences, Tamil nadu spoke on ‘Infant feeding and prevention of Obesity’. Dr Benny P.V, Professor and Head of Department of Community Medicine, SGMC dealt with ‘Obesity care-A population based approach’. Dr Jothydev Kesavadev, Chairman and Managing Director, Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centers, lectured on ‘Novel therapies to fight Obesity’. The sessions were chaired by Dr. Jeesha C Haran, Retd. Professor of Community medicine, SGMC and Dr. Lalitha Kailas, Principal, SGMC.

      The conference was inaugurated by Dr.K.K. Manojan, Director, SGMC. He spoke on the need for doctors to practice what they preach and to follow a healthy lifestyle. Dr.Lalitha Kailas, Principal, SGMC (Co-patron, Organising Committee, AIAARO Kerala Chapter), Dr. Manojan K.K, Director, SGMC ( Patron, Organising Committee, AIAARO Kerala Chapter), Dr. Chandramohan. P, Dean, SGMC (Co- patron, Organising Committee, AIAARO Kerala Chapter), Dr. Benny P. V, Professor and Head of Department of Community Medicine, SGMC (Organising Chairperson, AIAARO Kerala Chapter), Dr. Susanna John, Asst. Professor of Community medicine (Organising Secretary, AIAARO Kerala Chapter), Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Chairman and Managing Director of Jothydev’s Diabetes Research centers (President, AIAARO Kerala Chapter) and Ms. Geethu Sanal, Head of Department of Dietetics, Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Center (Secretary, AIAARO Kerala Chapter) offered felicitations.

      Ms Gopika Krishnan, Director, Research and Academics, Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centers (Treasurer, AIAARO, Kerala Chapter), lectured on ‘Mobile health Apps and weight management’. This talk was chaired by Dr. Sumesh Raj, Professor of General Medicine, SGMC and RF. Ms Geethu Sanal, Head of Department of Dietetics, Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Center, spoke on ‘Intermittent Fasting’.

      Dr.Sreejith N Kumar, National Convenor of IMA Food Safety initiative (IFSI) lectured on ‘Practical approach to Healthy diet’. Dr. Indu P.S, Professor and Head of Department of Community Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum and Dr.Ajith Kumar P. V, Professor of General Medicine and Diabetology, SGMC and RF chaired the talk.

      ‘Obesity prevention- current concerns and challenges’ was the topic for panel discussion. Dr Jothydev Kesavadev, Dr Gopinathan.K, Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics, SGMC, Dr Benny P.V, Dr Indu P.S and Dr Tony Joseph, Endocrinologist were the panellists. The interactive scientific session concluded at 4 pm. The Travancore Cochin Medical Council approved 1.5 credit hours for the program.

February 19-22, 2020: ATTD 2020

      The 13th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2020) was held in Madrid, Spain, from February 19 to 22, 2020. Two of JDC's original research, " Utility of a Glucose meter with Bluetooth and Web Connectivity in Aiding Physicians and Patients Achieve Better Glycemic Levels" and " Outlining the Relationship Between Time In Target (TIT) and HbA1c in Asian Indians with Diabetes" were presented. In the former, the benefits of novel technologies in self glucose monitoring and management of diabetes for both the patients and the physicians were discussed and in the latter, the correlation of Time In Range, a new concept in the treatment of diabetes and A1c among the Asian Indians was studied. The research chain headed by Dr Jothydev Kesavadev included Dr.Arun Shankar, Dr Ashwin David Ashok, Ms Gopika Krishnan, Ms Sunitha Jothydev, Ms Akhila Manu, Ms Kavitha Thampiraj and Ms Jisha Shamsudeen.

      The Conference hosted over 3800 participants from more than 80 different countries.

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