The year 2015 began with introduction of newer injectables, oral drugs and devices in diabetes. The innovations promise cost effective solutions for the failing diabetes therapy across the globe.

Jothydev in Gems video makes a scientific presentation on the newer evidences of safety and efficacy using Victoza and associated GLP-1RA therapies in diabetes and obesity.

Highlights include innovative devices for obesity, Continuous Glucose Monitoring etc.

We promise another Gems issue packed with clinical tips and discoveries in diabetes.

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Concerns with GLP-1RAs Answered



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A Sweet Start 2015
with Smt.Sugathakumari

Type 2 diabetes fast growing in children!!
A study on diabetes in youth in United States reveals very disturbing results that Type 2, often associated with lifestyle factors, rose 30 percent among 10- to 19-year-olds from 2001 to 2009.........READ MORE

Fexaramine- a new drug to fight against obesity
A new pill, called fexaramine developed by the researchers of Salk Institute for Biological Studies tricks the body into thinking it has consumed calories, causing it to burn fat. Fexaramine found ........READ MORE

Gems Picture of the Month
RUN KERALA RUN is the largest fun run ever happened with more than 10 million people running across 7000 points within Kerala, India in support of the upcoming National Games(Jan 31-Feb 14).The unique mass run, the first of its kind in the world, is a curtain raiser event to ........READ MORE

Low birth weight predicts type 2 diabetes
A research published in Diabetologia says that low birth weight mediating bio markers could predict increased type 2 diabetes risk later in life.In this largest prospective cohort study of women in the United States, low birth weight ........READ MORE

Over treatment of older adults harmful
Older people with diabetes and co-morbid illnesses are especially susceptible to severe hypoglycemia. They have fewer warning symptoms when they experience mild dips in blood sugar, and this leaves less time for them to react and treat the problem before it becomes severe.........READ MORE

Low Glycemic Index carbohydrate may not have heart benefits
A study published in JAMA reveals low glycemic index of dietary carbohydrate, did not have improvements in insulin sensitivity or cardiovascular benefits. Foods that have similar carbohydrate content........READ MORE

Device and Drug Updates
1. Maestro Rechargeable System for Obesity.
2. Temporary tattoo measures blood glucose.
3. Apple Watch displays live glucose readings.
4. OneTouch Verio® Glucose Monitoring System.
5. Xultophy launched in Switzerland. ........READ MORE

Recipe of the Month
Chana Dal Pancake........READ MORE

JDC Updates
1. New Year Celebrations at JDC1 & JDC2
2. Jothydev's Running with 'Run Kerala Run 2015'
3. JPEF CME with GPA Kochi: 20 Jan 2015 ........READ MORE

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