7. Gems Picture of the Month

Jazz Sethi and Diabesties

Jazz Sethi, daughter of former world billiards champion Geet Sethi, has started a movement called 'D1iabesties' (Diabesties), that would act as a support system, a lifestyle guide, and a counselor to help such patients and their family members and bust myths that surround the disease. Inspired by her own journey, Jazz, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13, has ventured on a path of raising awareness and debunking myths surrounding type 1 diabetes.

Jazz Sethi a 21-year-old experimental dancer, graduated from the Riverside School in Ahmedabad in 2013 and decided to pursue performance as a profession. Her turning point came in 2009, when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, as that was when her bouts of ‘why me’ transformed into ‘what if’. Suddenly, it was not what she could not do, but what ALL she could do. She used this opportunity to actively take charge of her life. It was also when she found the words to express her new awakening and formed Diabesties.

Her mantra is very simple – laugh, live, learn and love...a lot! In this Gems Picture, she is seen in conversation with Dr.Banshi Saboo and Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev.

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