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Novopen Story

The first Novapen and the latest Novapen 6

      Novopen® introduced in 1985 was the first insulin pen ever produced. Since then Novo pens had its successful journey with tremendous improvements to the pen at each stage from the first Novopen® to NovoPen® 3 , NovoPen® 4 , NovoPen Echo®, NovoPen® 5 and now the latest in this series the NovoPen 6. NovoPen Echo®, an insulin pen specifically designed to meet the needs of children with diabetes and is the first ever insulin pen to offer a combination of a memory function with a half-unit dosing option.

      The most latest in this series is the NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus which are reusable insulin pens equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology by which they can be scanned in close proximity to move the data off the pen and to another device. The pens have an 800-injection dose memory and a remarkable five-year battery life. No recharging is necessary which can be quoted as an advantage of using NFC. The NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus both feature an electronic display that shows the amount of active insulin (insulin on board or “IOB”), size of the last dose, and time since last injection.

      Beyond reusable pens, Novo Nordisk also announced that connectivity for disposable pens and the feature will capture insulin doses through a Bluetooth-enabled smart device that is attached to the widely used disposable FlexTouch pen. The attachment will transmit the insulin dose, time of dose, and the type of insulin being injected to a phone app..

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