Issue 32 June 2011
6.F Diabetes Medicine Updates

World's smallest insulin injection needle launched

     The BD nano pen needle is proven to be as effective as the longer needles in patients of all body types and proven to offer a less painful injection experience for people with diabetes who inject insulin. This is the world's first four mm long pen needle," said Diwakar Mittal, business manager, BD Medical-Diabetes Care, India. The needle is four mm in length and of 32 gauge thickness making it the shortest and the thinnest in the market.

     "We are confident that this tiny needle can have a big impact by easing diabetes patients' transition and ongoing adherence to injectable drug therapy regimens," Mittal added.

This needle is available at Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre
Sanofi's diabetes drug Lixisenatide Shows Significant Positive Phase III Results
     Sanofi's GLP-1 class of drug Lyxumia(R) (lixisenatide) showed positive results on phase III trials. When used as an add-on therapy to basal insulin (in association with or without metformin), achieved its primary efficacy endpoint of significantly reducing HbA1c versus placebo for patients with type 2 diabetes without significantly increasing their risk of hypoglycaemia.

     The most commonly reported adverse event was nausea and not many patients had to abandon the trial, Sanofi said.

     The full study results are expected to be presented at ADA meeting,2011 and the EASD,2011.
Pioglitazone banned in Europe after diabetes drug tied to cancer
     Pioglitazone(Actos) banned in Europe market due to bladder cancer risk. The French Medicines Agency pulled Actos in addition to the pill Competact - a drug that combines Actos and the popular diabetes drug metformin .The agency told French doctors to stop prescribing the drugs to patients, but said people currently using them should consult their doctors.

     According to WebMD, The FDA has been reviewing Actos as of September 2010, after the reports that people who take the drug for over two years were at an augmented risk for budding bladder cancer. At the time, the drug was still considered safer than a pill in the similar drug class, the contentious Avandia (Rosiglitazone).
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