Issue 44 June 2012
5. Bergamot orange supplement for cholesterol control

An extract of the bergamot orange, an Italian citrus fruit which has long been believed to possess heart health benefits appears to be highly helpful to diabetes and cardio vascular patients. Dr. Ross Walker, who runs a private practice in Sydney, said he has successfully used the extract in about 700 of his registered patients who are overweight with dyslipidemia and elevated blood sugar levels.

His findings are consistent with those of an unpublished clinical study conducted in Italy involving more than 200 patients with hyperlipidemia. In the study, 1 month’s supplementation with bergamot reduced LDL cholesterol by 39 percent and blood sugar by 22 percent, and raised HDL cholesterol by 41 percent.

“Bergamot contains extremely large amounts of polyphenols, as compared to other citrus species. Two of these, Brutelidin and Metilidin, directly inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis in a similar way to statins and they are not found in any other citrus derivatives,” said lead study author Dr. Vincenzo Mollace, professor in the faculty of Pharmacology at the University of Cantanzaro in Italy.

Bergamot extract blocks the HMG CoA reductase enzyme at a different level than statins. As a result, myalgia and other side effects typically associated with

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