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COVID-19 Resources- May

May 16, 2020: Webinar on Diabetes and Anesthesia

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev spoke on "Challenges of using newer drugs for diabetes in the perioperative period" in the Webinar conducted on May 16, 2020. Dr.B.Radhakrishnan, President, Indian College of Anaesthesiologists and Dr.Madhusudan Upadya, Professor-Anaesthesiology, MNC, Mangalore also participated in this exclusive, exam-oriented session for Anaesthesiology residents. This program was coordinated by Anaesthesiologist, Dr.Saneesh P.Jand critical care expert Dr.Anoop Kumar AS.

May 17, 2020: National RSSDI Digital workshop on Diabetes & Technology

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev offered a lecture on "Artificial Pancreas and Future of Insulin Pump" in the one day digital workshop conducted by RSSDI on May 17, 2020. He also chaired a session along with Dr.Banshi Saboo. The theme of the event was "Diabetes and Technology". Physicians across the country joined this Diabetes Technology network.

May 18, 2020: National Webinar: Ryze talk series

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev elaborated on "Achieving good glycaemic control without neglecting post-meal hyperglycaemia: Real life case studies" in the National Webinar conducted on May 18, 2020. Dr.Rajiv Kovil also lectured in the webinar and talked on "Managing post-meal hyperglycaemia in clinical practice: Why, When and How?". The talks were followed by a question-answer session. The program was attended by over 700 doctors across the country.

May 22, 2020: Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev in 24 News Channel

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev was live in 24 News channel in the discussion on COVID-19 on 22nd May 2020. He spoke on the favorable outcomes of telemedicine during these trying times. Honorable Minister of the state, Dr.Thomas Issac, Member of Legislature, Mr.K.S Sabarinathan, former Planning Commission member, Mr.G. Vijayaraghavan and Rheumatologist, Dr.Padmanabha Shenoy joined the discussion. The program was hosted by Mr.Sreekantan Nair.

May 23, 2020: National Webinar by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev took part in the National Webinar held on May 23, 2020. He spoke on "Cardiac Risk Assessment in Diabetes Patients". Dr.Manoj Chawla and Dr.Banshi Saboo lectured. Question and answer session followed. The theme of the webinar was "Cardiac Risk Assessment in Diabetes". Welcome address and vote of thanks were offered by Dr.Banshi Saboo.

June 02, 2020: Webinar-KGMOA, KOLLAM

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev offered a lecture on "Management of diabetes: Real life case discussions" in the webinar organised by KGMOA, Kollam on June 2, 2020. Dr.Sajna Shijin and Dr.Yaseen Unes, RSSDI course fellows at JDC also presented real life cases. The program was organised by KGMOA Kollam President Dr.Ajayakumar.S. Secretary, Dr.Clenin Francis Feriah and Treasurer Dr.Junu Vijayan coordinated.

June 5, 2020: International Webinar by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev spoke on "Time in range: New treatment target in diabetes" in the International Webinar held on June 5, 2020. The webinar coordinated by Dr.Ravindran A.V, was hosted for physicians from Oman and other Middle East countries.

June 6, 2020: Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev in 24 News Channel

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev was live in the Encounter program hosted by Mr.Sreekandan Nair in 24 News Channel along with Dr.Parameswaran Hari, Mr. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan and Mr.M.V.Govindan. Suggestions by Dr.Jothydev on spreading awareness about Covid through school children was well received.

June 13, 2020: 16th year of Kesavadev Awards

The 16th Kesavadev Awards 2020 organised by P.Kesavadev Trust were announced on June 13, 2020 via online press conference. The Kesavadev Literary Award was won by Mr.Vijayakrishnan and the Kesavadev Diabscreen Kerala Award by Dr.Arun B.Nair. The Awards were announced by Kesavadev Literary Award Committee Chairman Dr.George Onakkoor, Diabscreen Award Committee Chairman Dr.Ahmed Pillai and Committee member, Dr.P G. Balagopal. Ms.Seethalekshmy Dev, Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev were present.

June 14, 2020: ADC Diabetes Digital Summit

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev participated in the ADC Diabetes Digital Summit presented by Dr.Aravind's Diabetes Centre, Bengaluru which was held on June 14, 2020. The debate on "Telemedicine in Diabetes-Boon or Bane" had Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev speaking for telemedicine. Dr.Anuj Maheswari talked against the topic. Debate was chaired by Dr.Anil Kumar. Dr.Aravinda Jagadeesha organised the summit.

June 19, 2020: Facebook live with Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev was live in Facebook on June 19, 2020 and he answered to the questions asked by diabetes patients. He also advised on managing diabetes during COVID-19 in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. Ms.Gopika Krishnan, Academic head of Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centres was also part of the session. It was a very informative patient education session.

June 27 2020: 2nd AIAARO Kerala Chapter Online Meeting

The second AIAARO Kerala chapter online conference was conducted on 27th June 2020 in association with JPEF, with the theme "COVIDOSITY- The Double pandemic". Illustrious experts from all over the country spoke on various aspects of obesity aligning with the theme of the conference. Doctors, dietitians, diabetes educators and members of the diabetes/obesity team attended the lectures. Welcome speech was by Dr.Madhu N, Organising Chairperson. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Vice President AIAARO Kerala Chapter and Ms.Geethu Sanal, Secretory AIAARO Kerala Chapter briefed about the activities of AIAARO Kerala Chapter. The virtual conference was inaugurated by AIAARO National President, Dr.Banshi Saboo and delivered presidential oration on "Reversal of d iabetes by Calorie Restriction? or by Component Modification?". The session was chaired by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev.

Ms. Sheryl Salis renowned expert gave a comprehensive talk on "Facts about Keto Diet". The chair of the session was Dr.Asha Ashik,Diabetologist Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre, Kochi. A lecture on "Time to address Silent Epidemic: Recent Advances in GLP-1 RAs" was given by Dr.Arun S Menon, Senior Consultant Endocrinologist AIMS. The informative session was chaired by Dr.Radhakrishnan A.P, Consultant Physician and Diabetolgist, Palakkad Diabetes Centre. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Chairman and Managing Director Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre lectured on "A1c VS Time in Range in Weight Reduction", which was chaired by Ms.Gopika Krishnan Director, Research and Academics, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre. Valuable insights on "Normal Weight Obesity Syndrome" was given by Dr.AjithKumar.S, Director Dr.Ajith's Total Diabetes Care Centre, Trivandrum under the chair of Dr.Syam D Gopal, Senior Consultant Physician, Sivagiri Sree Narayana Mission Hospital, Varkala. Dr.Unnikrishnan, Consultant at Centre for Rehabilitation and Pain Relief, Saraswathy Hospital, Parassala addressed the topic "Is Aerobic or Anaerobic Trainning Better for Overall Weight Loss?" . The session was chaired by Dr.Madhu N Consultant Surgeon and Managing Director Chaitanya hospital, North Paravoor. Ms.Shilpa Joshi, Director Mumbai Diet and Health Centre provided a sermon on "Diet And Weight Loss: Why Do You Feel Hungry?", which was chaired by Dr.Arun Shankar, Senior Consultant Diabetologist and Medical Director, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre. Dr.Dharini Krishnan, Registered Dietitian shared her expertise on the topic "Does one Diet Fit All?". The session was chaired by Dr.Jayalekshmi R Kurup, Senior Medical Officer, Cochin Port Trust Hospital. Ms.Manju George, Chief Dietitian, Lakeshore and Lourdes Hospital gave a detailed advice on "How to master Mindful Eating to Lose Weight", chaired by Dr.Ashwin David Ashok, Clinical Head and Chief Diabetologist, Jothydev'sDiabetes Research Centre,Attingal and Ms.Geethu Sanal, Chief Dietitian, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre, Trivandrum. A heated debate between Dr.Anuj Maheshwari, Professor and Head in Medicine, BBD University, Lucknow and Mrs.Meenakshi Bajaj, Registered Dietitian , on "Dieting keeps you fit in covid times" was conducted, mediated by Dr.Sumesh Raj, Professor of Medicine and Diabetology, Sree Gokulam Medical College. The sessions concluded with a panel discussion on "COVID induced obesity" with Dr.Benny PV, Professor and Head of the Department of Community Medicine, Sree Gokulam Medical College, as the moderator. The discussion covered 4 topics, "What could have contributed to obesity in patients with existing illnesses"?

"Mental components of obesity during lockdown", "Realistic indoor physical activity recommendations" and "Changing eating habits with stay home instructions" by speakers Dr.Jayalekshmi R Kurup, Dr.Arun B Nair, Dr.Roy R Chandran and Ms.Geethu Sanal respectively.

Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr.Arun S Menon. The webinar was remarkable and worthwhile.

June 30 2020: 16th P.Kesavadev Awards

16th P.Kesavadev Awards were distributed on 30 June 2020, abiding by COVID protocol. It was a simple virtual ceremony. The prestigious 16th P Kesavadev Literary Award was won by Sri.Vijayakrishnan and the Kesavadev Diabscreen Kerala Award was won by Dr.Arun B Nair. The awards were presented by Ms.Seethalakshmy Dev, chairperson of Kesavadev Trust at Kesavadev Hall, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre, following the COVID safety protocols. The distinguished winners and all the members were welcomed by Dr.George Onakoor, Chairman of Kesavadev Award Committee. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Managing trustee of Kesavadev trust,briefly spoke about Kesavadev Trust and the upcoming Kesavadev Museum.Kumari Aabha S Vijay, a 7th standard student of MMRHS spoke about the late P.Kesavadev and sang a beautiful song from the film 'Odayil Ninnu' which was well appreciated. Sri. M A Baby, ex-minister, gave a remembrance lecture about Sri P Kesavadev. The program was concluded by a Vote of Thanks by Ms.Sunitha Jothydev, Secretary of Kesavadev Trust. The ceremony was live in Zoom and Facebook.

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