Issue 41 March 2012
1. Just relaxing Every 30 Minutes Can Avoid Diabetes by 30%

An original research published in Diabetes Care, the official journal of American Diabetes Association provides simple tips for preventing diabetes in working youth. People who sit long periods, like office workers, IT professionals, drivers etc can improve their health by simply breaking up their sitting time with short bouts of light- or moderate-intensity walking. Professor Dunstan (the lead researcher from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute) says people who work sitting at their desks should stand up at least every 30 minutes. In this study the researchers actually compared walking at a light pace, to walking at a moderate pace. It is very interesting to note that the study showed walking at a light pace is just as beneficial as walking at a moderate pace

These ļ¬ndings support the hypothesis that brief interruptions to sedentary time with a minimum of light-intensity physical activity can attenuate acute postprandial plasma glucose and serum insulin response during prolonged sitting.

"Our research has shown that sitting for too long for long periods can be hazardous to health," he said. "What this study is actually showing is that if people regularly break it up they're actually producing a more favourable blood glucose profile." "So throughout the day if you get up and move about and contract those muscles you're going to help your body clear that glucose." said Professor Dunstan.

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