Issue 41 March 2012
7. Diabetes Medicine Updates

Diabetes: Medtronic inches closer to an artificial pancreas for the U.S. market

Medtronic makes progress toward an artificial pancreas system for the U.S. market.
The next-generation MiniMed Paradigm system delivers and halts insulin automatically, based on sensor readings of a patient's glucose levels. "Until now we have never had a therapy designed to automatically intervene when blood glucose becomes dangerously low, which is the greatest fear and biggest challenge in achieving better glucose control in patients with diabetes," Dr. Satish Garg, professor of medicine and pediatrics at Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, said . "It makes sense to stop insulin delivery when a low-glucose threshold is met and that is how Low Glucose Suspend(LGS) is designed.”
Dr. Satish Garg at Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Center
It was yet another auspicious day for Jothydev’ Diabetes Research Centre with the eminent personality in the field of diabetes Dr. Satish. K.Garg (Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Colorado, Denver, USA making his visit to the center. He was accompanied by Mr. Terrance H. Gregg (CEO, Dexcom Inc.), Ms. Keri L. Weindel (Director, Professional Education, Dexcom Inc.) and Mr.Peter Gerhardsson (Vice President, International Business Development, Dexcom Inc). The center extended a warm welcome to the visitors followed by a patient interaction program for 2 hours. 

Dr. Garg addressed the crowd and answered their questions with eloquence and lucidity. The privileged group of patients who were chosen to interact with him was overwhelmed by the interactive session. Mr. Terry, Ms. Keri & Mr. Peter also spoke to the patients on the use of CGM in routine clinical practice. 

Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev was highly appreciated for his exceptional expertise in delivering comprehensive care to his patients. Vote of thanks by Mr. Jayapalan.A and mementos by Ms. Sunitha Jothydev was followed by lunch session for all the attendees. The team was in praise of the laboratory facilities that the center provides with all its fully automatic quality controlled machines and the comprehensive tests including cancer screening. The Diabetes Tele Management System (DTMS®) unique to the center was highly appreciated.
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