5. Gems Picture of the Month

David Mendosa

Gems Picture of the Month is that of Mr. David Mendosa, the well acclaimed ‘diabetes writer’ whose scientific documentations on the A to Z of diabetes inspired and assisted millions of patients and caregivers across the globe. This newsletter of ours was started drawing inspiration from his works and email communications between David Mendosa and Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev. He left for his heavenly abode early this month.

A dedicated consultant who specialized in diabetes, Mr. David Mendosa began to write entirely about diabetes when he was diagnosed of it way back in 1994. In mid-2010 he established a local diabetes support group for people committed to taking tight control of their diabetes. His own website, David Mendosa’s Diabetes Directory at www.mendosa.com is one of the first and largest website with 4,000 web pages about diabetes. The lead staff writer about diabetes for one of the largest health websites in the world, http://www.HealthCentral.com, he was an unmatched personality with his generous attitude, dedicated to spread awareness against diabetes. Mr. Mendosa’s works bears testimony to his unending fight against diabetes. His monthly free email newsletter called “Diabetes Update.” had more than 20,000 subscribers. An exceptional writer, Mr. David Mendosa stood high helping fellow human beings with diabetes.

Our association with Mr.Mendosa was that of 15 years. Recognising his untiring efforts towards spreading the science of diabetes, he was bestowed the Diabscreen Kerala P.Kesavadev Award in 2011. He was an enthusiastic writer and our regular meetings during conventions in the US. left lasting impressions. The Gems Team pay tribute to this great human being.

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