8. Device Update

Freestyle Libre 2, with Optional Real-Time Alarms, Approved in Europe

Abbott's FreeStyle Libre 2 continuous glucose-monitoring system, which comes with optional real-time alarms for high and low glucose levels, has received CE Mark for use in European Union countries.

The original FreeStyle Libre system continuously measures glucose levels with a small sensor worn on the back of the upper arm for 14 days and requires no finger prick calibrations. It provides glucose readings via a scanner waved over it, and is therefore sometimes referred to as "flash" glucose monitoring. With Libre 2, users have the option to customize either audible or vibration alarms for low and high glucose levels, and also for a signal loss. Users who do not prefer alarms can choose to leave them turned off.

Libre 2 system is proposed to be launched on a rolling basis throughout Europe, starting in the coming weeks. The system is also expected to be soon available in other countries outside of Europe, based on in-country approvals.

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