Issue 23, September 2010
5. Bitter flavour in Grapefruits turns sweet for Diabetes patients.

     An antioxidant called Naringenin, which is a content of the bitter flavour of grapefruits and other citrus fruits activates the liver to break down fatty acids, a process that naturally occurs only during long periods of fasting.

     The action of this compound is almost same as like the lipid-lowering Fenofibrate and the anti-diabetic Rosiglitazone, a study conducted by Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Massachusetts General Hospital  MGH  found.

     "It is a fascinating finding. We show the mechanism by which naringenin increases two important pharmaceutical targets, PPARα and PPARγ, while blocking a third, LXRa. The results are similar to those induced by long periods of fasting," said Yaakov Nahmias, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem the paper's senior author. 

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