Issue 47 September 2012
2. JDC GEMS Picture of the Month

Medtronic has released a new insulin pump/continuous glucose monitoring system, called Paradigm Veo, that features intelligent protection against episodes of hypoglycemia when the patient is ignoring the dropping sugar levels. After alerting the wearer of an oncoming event, the Paradigm Veo system automatically stops the insulin pump if the patient does not act on the warning. The Paradigm Veo is equipped with a Low Glucose Suspend18 (LGS) mechanism, which will halt insulin delivery automatically whenever your glucose levels are too low. This can help to reduce the risk of severe hypoglycemia.

The first Paradigm Veo Pump at Jothydev’s Diabetes & Research Centre being deployed on a type 1 diabetes patient: a doctor on 6th Sep 2012.

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