Can artificial pancreas averts hypoglycemia?

2. Can artificial pancreas avert hypoglycemia?

Can artificial pancreas avert hypoglycemia?
      Artificial pancreas is emerging as a potential solution for patients with diabetes to overcome the diabetes burden and to improve the quality of their life. A study related to artificial pancreas from Spain revealed that a new closed loop system can prevent hypoglycemia during and after exercise in patients with type 1 diabetes.

      The randomized, three-arm, crossover clinical study was conducted in adults with T1D, insulin pump users and those with HbA1c between 6.0-8.5%. The researchers measured their blood sugar during and three hours after exercise. The multivariable closed-loop glucose controller with automatic carbohydrate recommendation (MCL) was compared with unannounced and announced exercise to open-loop therapy (OL) in a randomly determined order. It was noticed that the use of the MCL in both closed-loop arms decreased the time < 70 mg/dL of sensor glucose (0.0%,[0.0-16.8] and 0.0%,[0.0-19.2] vs. 16.2%,[0.0-26.0], and the number of hypoglycemic events when compared to OL (CLNA 4 and CLA 3 vs. OL 8; p=0.218,p=0.250). The use of MCL system increased the proportion of time within 70-180 mg/dL (87.8%, [51.1-100] and 91.9%,[58.7-100] vs. 81.1%,[65.4-87.0].

      The study sheds light into the beneficial advancements with closed loop systems leading to the prevention of episodes of serious hypoglycemia during exercise and in maintaining glucose within the target level in patients with type 1 diabetes.

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