7. Drug and device update

Sanofi will no longer market Afrezza

MannKind, the developer of the inhaled insulin Afrezza, announced that Sanofi, was terminating the agreement between the two companies to market Afrezza. The move by Sanofi was not a surprise since Afrezza, has had dismal sales since being approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) in June 2014. Afrezza was developed in the shadow of another failed inhaled insulin from Pfizer, called Exubera, which was approved in 2006 but eventually withdrawn due to poor sales.

Panasonic Healthcare Holdings acquires Bayer's Diabetes Care

Panasonic Healthcare Holdings acquired the Diabetes Care business of Bayer AG. Panasonic Healthcare will operate the newly acquired business unit as a stand-alone company called Ascensia Diabetes Care, and together the two companies will develop, manufacture, market, and sell blood glucose monitoring meters and strips.

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