Issue 14, December 2009
1. Diabetes Management @ Christmas feast

      Christmas and New Year are times of celebrations, happiness and of course some tasty rich foods and drinks. Families and friends get together to enjoy this special festive season and you may tempted to deviate from your routine diabetic diet.

      There is a lot of food involved over Christmas and New Year's Eve, Plates full of yummy red meat preparations, tasty duck roast, sausages, and gorgeous Christmas cakes and puddings etc. But don't worry, no need to keep a diabetic diet plate for your Christmas lunch, just keep an eye on your portion size and timings.

      All the festive foods are high in calories, fat and sugar, and won't be healthy for anyone. And a little extra over Christmas should not affect your long-term diabetes control. As you all know diabetes management through diet is not just about control of what you eat but also it is balancing your diet with a variety of foods.

Some tips to enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations:

- Spread your portions throughout the day.

- Prefer some fresh fruits or juice instead of sugary drinks.

- Select a variety of vegetables and make some lovely salads.

- Fill half plate of your Christmas meals with salad

- Always keep an eye on your blood sugar levels

- And don't forget to take your routine exercise or go for a walk into the town with your kids to see all the festive decorations and it will walk off the Christmas meal.
Enjoy your Christmas meal and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year
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