Issue 14, December 2009
Dear Friends,

     Festival foods are always high in calories. Most of us are in a dual mind in enjoying Christmas and New Year food. In this issue we are presenting before you a special "Christmas @JDC Gems" tips on diabetes management at Christmas feast.

     There are also other articles including emergence of diabetes surgery as a new branch of medicine, research which observes 3 patterns of rising T2 diabetes prevalence in the world and the FDA recommendations on the avoidance of co administration of Clopidogrel with Omeprazole / Esomeprazole in this 14th issue of GEMS. We also attract your attention to the real life story of a two-year-old T1 diabetes girl, whom we came across in our diabetes management and education sessions. We also welcome you to watch the video presentation on diabetes management @ Christmas feast, the second one in the series presented by Dr.Jothydev, which we have started in our anniversary issue.

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1. Diabetes Management @ Christmas feast
Christmas and New Year are times of celebrations, happiness and of course some tasty rich foods and drinks. Families and friends get together to enjoy this special festive season and you may tempted to deviate from your routine diabetic diet.........
2. FDA: Avoid Co administration of Clopidogrel with Omeprazole / Esomeprazole
On the basis of new study results, FDA recommends the avoidance of combination use of proton pump inhibitor (PPI) omeprazole, used to reduce stomach acid, and clopidogrel (Plavix)used to prevent clotting of blood........
"Diabetes Surgery" : Consensus emerged for new field of Medicine
In the long history of medicine, a new speciality has emerged !! "Diabetes Surgery". There are increasing evidences that gastro intestinal surgery can be used to treat T2 diabetes........
Three Patterns of Rising type 2 Diabetes Prevalence in the World
There are 3 patterns of rising T2 diabetes prevalence namely gradual, rapid and accelerated which corresponds to 4-9 % in European, 14- 20 % in migrant or urbanized Asian Indians, ........
5. Type 1 Diabetes in a two year old kid– a Real life Story"
The following is the real life story of a 4 year old girl, Priya who was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at the age of 2. The symptoms of the child were sudden weight loss..........
6 JDC Updates
Diabscreen Kerala P.Kesavadev Trust conducted a free camp for Cheruvakkal Residents Association at Cheruvakkal School. More than 150 subjects were screened for free HbA1c, Fasting Sugar.........

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