Issue:12, October 2009
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Pancreatitis due to any cause producing diabetes is well known. However, diabetes itself as a risk factor for pancreatitis has gained attention only recently. Our title article deals with this relation between pancreatitis and diabetes.

Screening for Gestational diabetes though recommended for most pregnant women, until recently it was unknown whether it would improve the complications of pregnancy. We present before you another article, which explains the importance of treating gestational diabetes.

We also present before you articles on hip-bone loss acceleration in elderly women with diabetes and insulin influence on muscle growth in the aged.

Based on the feedbacks we have been receiving, we introduce before you a healthy pizza recipe in our nutrition section.

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1. Diabetes and pancreatitis
Pancreatitis or inflammation of pancreas is a serious disease which has increasingly become common among patients with diabetes. Studies have shown diabetes patients to be three times more prone to pancreatitis compared to those without diabetes.........
Our presence at IDF
Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev is an invited speaker at International Diabetes Federation (World Diabetes Congress 2009) at Montreal Canada. For the following presentations from Jothydev’s Diabetes and Research Centre, we request your presence in case you are attending IDF.........
Menopausal Hip Bone Loss Accelerated in Diabetic Patients
New study shows that post menopausal women with diabetes have more chance of hip bone fracture compared to women without diabetes. However, bone loss in the spine is slower in people with diabetes than in people without diabetes,........
Insulin Strengthens muscles In Older Ages
Insulin is not only for controlling blood sugar, but also for muscle strengthening in older ages. Scientists have recognized that insulin resistance plays a major role in the loss of physical strength that occurs, as people grow older.........
5. Treatment of mild gestational diabetes mellitus improves pregnancy complications.
A randomized clinical trial of women with mild gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) reveals that pregnancy complications like Pre-eclampsia and Gestational Hypertension are reduced in those receiving treatment for Gestational Diabetes...........
6 Recipe for Healthy Pizza
Do you have a guilty feeling after eating a pizza? If you can make some slight changes in your regular pizza you can control your blood sugar and cholesterol level. Choose whole-wheat flour instead of refined flour and prefer low fat paneer or chicken instead of red meat or sausage. ..........
7 JDC Updates
Dr.Jothydev is assigned with the responsibility of conducting international certified pump workshops for interested doctors. This time he conducted pump workshop for Sri Lankan doctors.........
Jothydev's Diabetes Center, Trivandrum is an International Center for Insulin Pump Therapy.

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