Issue 14, December 2009
5. Type 1 Diabetes in a two year old kid– a Real life Story"

     The following is the real life story of a 4 year old girl, Priya who was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at the age of 2. The symptoms of the child were sudden weight loss, polyurea and polyphagia, for which child was first admitted in a government hospital, where she was in the ICU and survived.

     However the process of recurrent admissions to the hospital continued for a period of one year; some of them with diabetic ketoacidosis and others due to hypoglycemia. She is the 2nd child of a low income uneducated family.It was an year ago, Priya and her parents visited one of our free diabetes treatment camps. Then the kid was detected to have a sugar level of more than 300mg%. To our surprise the diabetes team at JDC, realised that the parents were totally ignorant of seriousness of the disease, the life long medications and the associated financial implications.Though she was admitted in the hospital several times in the past, the uneducated family was unfortunately not aware about the insulin adjustments, blood sugar monitoring etc.

     JDC diabetes team through recurrent, periodic educational attempts eventually succeeded in making Priya’s parents fully aware and capable of diabetes management. Now the mother herself is closely monitoring the kid's sugar levels and adjusts the insulin according to her food intake. So Priya is leading a normal life without any complications and attending school like any other child of her age.

     P.Kesavadev trust(Diabscreen Kerala) has adopted the kid for treatment.She receives free insulin, medications,glucometer strips, lab tests etc.,

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