Issue 14, December 2009
4. Three Patterns of Rising type 2 Diabetes Prevalence in the World

    There are 3 patterns of rising T2 diabetes prevalence namely gradual, rapid and accelerated which corresponds to 4-9 % in European, 14- 20 % in migrant or urbanized Asian Indians, Arabs, Chinese, Africans, and Hispanic population, 30–50% in indigenous subjects of Canada, USA, Australia, Pacific regions respectively. This is a conclusion of a new study conducted byDr. Madhur Dev Bhattarai MD, (Bir Hospital, National Academy of Medical Sciences, Kathmandu, Nepal ) Though there is a genetic relation associated with ethnicity and T2 diabetes possibility, that alone cannot account for the sharp increase in diabetes.

    Not only obesity, sedentary life style and ageing, but also environmental factors and rapid transition in nutritional status of population are considered contributing factors for this phenomenon.

    A vicious cycle begins with glucose intolerance affecting women of childbearing age and the cycle being continued later increasing the risk of diabetes in the offspring .

    So it will become very difficult to control diabetes in any part of the world. Thus it is extremely important to take a preventive measures which include weight reduction, moderate intensity exercise etc earlier than later. To achieve the challenging measures the world resources need to be mobilized, involving international agencies, like WHO, International Diabetes Federation United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Food and Agricultural Organization, World Food Programme, World Bank, and other international and national diabetes and obesity associations.

Source : JNMA I VOL 48 I NO. 2 I ISSUE 174 I APR-JUN, 2009

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