Issue 33 July 2011
6. Early Stage Diabetes Reversible with Two Months 600 Calorie Per Day extreme Diet.

      Type 2 diabetes in early stage can be cured by 600 calorie per day diet for two months and you can lead a diabetes free life afterwards if you adopt a healthy lifesyle- researchers from Newcastle University, England reported in the journal Diabetologia.

      The scientists, who presented their findings at the American Diabetes Association conference, say that diet can help remove fat from the pancreas, resulting in normal secretion of insulin.

      The researchers selected 11 patients, who were then put on a 600 calorie-per-day diet of liquid drinks and non-starchy vegetables. They were closely monitored by a team of healthcare professionals. They were matched to a cohort group of healthy individuals (without diabetes). A medical team monitored them for eight weeks. The researchers also studied their liver fat content and pancreas insulin production.

      All participants' pre-breakfast blood sugar levels were back to normal within just seven days. MRI scans of the pancreas showed that pancreas fat levels, which were high, also returned to normal, resulting in normal insulin secretion and better blood sugar levels after meals.

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