Issue 33 July 2011

Dear Friends,

     Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev in this edition's monthly video narrates some common concerns associated with insulin injections.The video addressing most of the fears associated with using insulin injections, is expected to be helpful to both patients and their care takers.

     An original study presented at ADA, San Diego, 2011 carried out at Jothydev’s Diabetes and Research Centre, reveals the importance of screening for thyroid diseases in Type 2 diabetes patients.

     Other interesting articles include poor sperm count in obesity, highest diabetes risk in Asian Indians etc.

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JDC Diabetes Gems Team
Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA

Significance of Screening for Thyroid Disorders in Type 2 Diabetes.
Original study from Jothydev’s Diabetes and Research Centre presented at American Diabetes Association, San Diego, California 2011.........
Urinary infections: Old is Gold.
The progressing indications of antibiotic resistance to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX) and quinolones has made uncomplicated urinary tract infection (UTI) a nightmare to treat recently........
Indian origins have the highest diabetes risk even among Asian-origins.
A new study from New York City finds that immigrants from the Indian subcontinent have the highest rates of diabetes in the city -- a fact that may be masked by their being grouped ........
Poor sperm count for obese guys.
Obesity is not just related to diabetes alone but also with infertility.Overweight or obese men, like their female counterparts, have a lower chance of becoming a parent........
A Strawberry a day keeps the Diabetologist away.
A new study suggests that a strawberry a day (or precisely, 37 of them) could keep not just one doctor away.........
Early Stage Diabetes Reversible with Two Months 600 Calorie Per Day extreme Diet.
Type 2 diabetes in early stage can be cured by 600 calorie per day diet for two months and you can lead a diabetes free life afterwards if you adopt a healthy lifesyle.........
Diabetes Medicine Updates
(1) Diabetes Drug Dapagliflozin May Cause Bladder And Breast Cancers, Says FDA..........
(3) Place of pitavastatin in the statin armamentarium: promising evidence for a role in diabetes mellitus;.........
JDC Updates
Diabscreen Kerala free diabetes camp was conducted at KDC Trivandrum.Around 140 subjects were screened free of cost. Free tests included sugar, cholesterol, HbA1c ..........

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