Issue 17, March 2010
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    Sexual dysfunction affecting subjects with poorly controlled diabetes has become a growing concern. It is well known that men in comparison to women have longer active sex life. A new study published in British Medical Journal reveals that it is very much related to his health condition. The quality of sexual life is positively associated with good health in middle age and later life. Sexually active life expectancy was longer for men, but men lost more years of sexually active life as a result of poor health than women.

    The second article discusses the long unfolding controversy on Rosiglitazone and how its continuing usage at some quarters is at cross roads now with an abyss in front with new directives for its usage expected from FDA soon. The third article is about the use of HbA1c as a heart attack predictor.

    We also present before you an article on the risks associated with usage of Metformin and peripheral neuropathy. In the diet section, a surprising result shows health benefits of rye white for diabetes patients. The news on adult immunization – annual flu shot is no longer for the selected few;CDC has broadened the indications!!

    We welcome you to watch the video presentation on ‘HbA1c (Glycated haemoglobin), the fifth one in the series presented by Dr.Jothydev, which we have started in our anniversary issue. The drug update series continues in this issue of GEMS.

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How long is an active sexual life going to be?
Diabetes Drug May be Banned Soon
A1c predicts heart attack risk (when ≥6%)
Metformin and risk of peripheral neuropathy
How long is an active sexual life going to be?
Majority of subjects with poorly controlled diabetes develop sexual dysfunction which largely impairs quality of life and mental health. ..........
Diabetes Drug May be Banned Soon
It was in 2007, that the first report of rosiglitazone producing heart attacks and deaths in diabetes subjects got published in New England Journal Of Medicine. ........
A1c predicts heart attack risk (when ≥6%)
HbA1c (Glycated hemoglobin levels) is a better predictor than fasting glucose for cardiovascular risk........
Metformin and risk of peripheral neuropathy
Metformin no doubt is the first and the best choice in T2DM and is the most widely used drug globally.........
5. Dolphins and Diabetes!!! An exciting discovery
By taking regular blood samples of the dolphins, Dr Venn-Watson discovered that they could induce type 2 diabetes at times of fasting..........
Rye white - Healthier cereal for diabetes patients
Researchers found that white rye bread is more (rye is a cereal like wheat ,rice etc) beneficial.........
Diabetes Medicine Updates
All the adults from the age of six months and older should receive an annual influenza vaccine beginning next flu season (2010-2011), recommends CDC..........
8 JDC Updates
Free Diabetes Camp was conducted on March 07, 2010  by Diabscreen Kerala at Valiasala,Thiruvananthapuram in association with Valiasala Samajam Reading club.........

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