Issue 16, February 2010
Dear Friends,

     The most prevalent method of statin therapy is targeted treatment, which titrates the statin dose to achieve the desired level of cholesterol. Is there any alternative? Our first article describes the best approach to treat cholesterol based on some recently published study results.

     The second article describes the new closed loop insulin delivery system, aptly termed the ‘artificial pancreas’. Once fully developed, let us hope, this no intervention required system becomes the holy grail of diabetes treatment. The third article is on a new effective treatment for leg pain in diabetes patients based on an original study conducted at Jothydev’s Diabetes and Research Centre and presented at ATTD (Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes, 2010, Basel) last week.

     We also present before you an article on the risk posed by obese women to themselves and their children.

     We welcome you to watch the video presentation on ‘foot care in diabetes’, the fourth one in the series presented by Dr.Jothydev, which we have started in our anniversary issue. The drug update series continues in this issue of GEMS.

     The season of cupid has arrived. Remember the old saying- the way to heart is through stomach. In the diet session we have an article that gives ten steps to remain healthy.

     For submitting articles and letting us know your suggestions kindly send an email to If in case you are not interested in receiving this newsletter, kindly reply with "delete" in the subject line to with a copy to

JDC Diabetes Gems Team
Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA

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Valentine's Day resolution: Love him/her: but feed less
Energize yourself with Whole Grains
Concentrate on Healthy Fats
Snack Smarter
Use every opportunity to exercise
What Is the Best Approach to Cholesterol Treatment?
The benefits of using statins to lower elevated cholesterol levels are unquestioned. The most common practice is to titrate the statin dose to achieve a desired LDL level ("targeted" treatment)..........
'Artificial' pancreas-Good news for type 1 diabetes patients
Scientists from the Cambridge University have developed a new device to manage type 1 diabetes. This so called “artificial pancreas” ........
New treatment for pain in the legs
More than 75% of patients with uncontrolled diabetes develop excruciating pain in the lower limbs described as diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. An original study conducted at Jothydev’s Diabetes and ........
Overweight Females put themselves and kids at risk??!!
It has been observed that in the past few years the prevalence of overweight and obesity in women of childbearing age has drastically increased. Most of the complications like birth defect, infant ........
Valentine's Day resolution: Love him/her: but feed less
The Valentine’s time has arrived. Invariably love is associated with highly romantic candle light dinners. But we need to make sure that we are having the right, healthy kind of food. Here are Ten Steps, ..........
Diabetes Medicine Updates
Based on the new findings, FDA recommends the health care professionals to stop the use of sibutramine hydrocloride (a drug used for obesity) in patients who have history of heart disease. .........
JDC Updates
Free Diabscreen Kerala camp was conducted at SFS, Icon, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum on 14 January 2010.The camp was for the SFS Staff and family.........

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