Issue 19, May 2010
Dear Friends,

    A new study based on extensive analysis of JUPITER data confirms the use of 'hsCRP' indeed as a biomarker for CVD. The new Canadian guidelines on lipid management include this biomarker test, and the US is very much likely to follow suit. Incidentally Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre has been routinely performing hsCRP to accurately assess risk factors.

    Yet another study based on the same JUPITER data set confirms the benefits of statin therapy for female population as well, for which no statistically significant studies have been conducted so far. We also have a section, which articulates the necessity of simpler guidelines and tools for physicians to effectively diagnose and treat CVD risk patients. It is worrisome that the study report analysing the physicians' behaviour using almost a thousand doctors notices that the current guidelines are not strictly adhered by the vast majority and thus the targets are not adequately met.

    All the apprehensions based on the ACCORD study, which caused it to be stopped in between due to the supposedly high mortality rate, can be put to rest now. Intensive blood sugar management is extremely beneficial provided the patient responds to the treatment. A very recently published study concludes that Prolonged Metformin Usage reduces Breast Cancer Risk. You can read more details about both these studies in May 2010 Issue of GEMS.

    The diet section has an interesting presentation on how grapes are helpful in reducing risk factors for diabetes and heart attacks through antioxidants called phytochemicals.

    We hope you will be delighted to get detailed drug information on the much-awaited miraculous drug Liraglutide(VICTOZA) through the educational video presented by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev. The drug update series continues in this issue of GEMS, for the benefit of practising physicians.

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hsCRP declared as a biomarker for CVD
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