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The historical moment when Kerala Type 1 Diabetes Welfare Society
(Madhuranakshatrangal) was formed (Seen in the picture: Dr. M.K Muneer MLA, Shri. Pradeep Kumar MLA, Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev, Shri. J Jayaraj, Shri. Balan Ambadi, Dr. Muhammed Asheel, Dr. Anin Aniyan, Shri. Vijeesh TR, Shri. Abdul Jaleel etc.).

Formation of Kerala Type 1 Diabetes Welfare Society


It was a historical and emotional moment for parents and their kids with type 1 diabetes when the Kerala Type 1 Diabetes Welfare Society (KT1DWS) was formed to create awareness and fight for the rights of children with type 1 diabetes. Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev coined the name Sweet Stars(Madhuranakshatrangal) for this patient initiative, the first meeting of which was held at YMCA Auditorium in Calicut on 7th October 2018. This massive patient education initiative was organised by P. Kesavadev Trust.

There is an urgent requirement for type 1 diabetes children as well as adults to lead a normal life with normal longevity, which is the case in many developed countries but unfortunately not in India. Kerala Type 1 diabetes Program (KT1DP) Sweet Stars functions exclusively with the objectives of imparting education, training and skill development for professionals, patients and parents. KT1DP Sweet Stars, a charity project run by P. Kesavadev Trust, provides free insulin, glucometer strips, insulin pumps and accessories to economically challenged children with type 1 diabetes.

The event was jointly inaugurated by the MLAs from Calicut, Dr. M.K Muneer and Mr. Pradeep Kumar.

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