In this issue, we have as usual, the video of the month, picture of the month, recipe of the month, drug and device updates and JDC updates.

In addition, we have selected stories on metformin and its probable benefits preventing glaucoma, our original research on insulin sparing effects of sitagliptin presented at American Diabetes Association (ADA), the use of neck circumference in predicting metabolic syndrome etc. etc.

Gems video of the month provides a brief overview of ADA 75th Scientific Sessions at Boston this month. Gems picture of the month is the ancient hemodialysis machine, only to signify its invention as a lifesaver for millions of patients with diabetes and end stage renal disease.. We wish you happy reading.

We wish you happy reading.


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Updates on Diabetes 2015 from ADA, Boston, June 2015

Jeevan Raksha Award to
Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev

Neck Circumference May Predict Cardio-metabolic Risk
A study of 168 obesity-clinic patients finds that, neck circumference(NC) cutoffs of 36 cm or greater in females and 39 cm or more in males is correlated with criteria for the metabolic........READ MORE

Insulin sparing effects of Sitagliptin
This study was presented by Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centre at the 75th ADA Scientific Sessions at Boston this June. The study team was led by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev. Addition........READ MORE

Iron Deficiency linked with Increased HbA1c Levels
In a systematic review of studies, researchers noted that the presence of iron deficiency led to an increase in HbA1c when compared with controls, with no corresponding rise in blood........READ MORE

Metformin helpful in preventing glaucoma
A new study shows that metformin can result in a reduced risk of developing glaucoma by as much as 21% in diabetes patients. Researchers found that taking the standard dose of 2g/day over the course of two years resulted in a 21% decrease in their risk of developing glaucoma........READ MORE

Gems Picture of the Month
The artificial kidney was first developed by Abel, Rountree, and Turner in 1913, the first hemodialysis in a human being was by Hass (February 28, 1924) and the artificial kidney........READ MORE

Even Moderate drinking in Seniors Can Damage Heart?
This study correlated weekly alcohol consumption among 4,466 people of average age 76 to the size, structure and motion of various parts of the heart. Researchers found that........READ MORE

Drug Updates
V-Go for type 2 diabetes. New drug for Dyslipidemia........READ MORE

Recipe of the Month
diabetes-friendly Indian breakfast........READ MORE

JDC Updates
Presentations from JDC at ADA 2015: At the 75th anniversary annual American Diabetes Association convention, five research papers were presented from Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre, Trivandrum.
........READ MORE

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