5. JDC GEMS Picture of the Month

Ambulatory Glucose Profile(AGP)

A major breakthrough in reporting glucose profile, Ambulatory Glucose Profile(AGP) is a visual report that collapses all glucose readings from several days or weeks as if they occurred in a single 24-hour period, making it easier to visualize glycemic patterns.

The 14 Day AGP graph provides enough information to identify daily glucose patterns and assess the efficacy of treatment. The 14 days' glucose data is sufficient to predict daily glucose patterns for the next 1 month with
90 – 95% certainty. AGP “dashboard” presents a statistical summary, visual display and daily views of glucose information. It can collapse several weeks’ worth of data into a “modal day” that displays glucose medians, peaks and troughs.

2 types of devices are available –
Abbott FreeStyle Libre in Europe and FreeStyle Libre Pro in India (as of March 2015).
In JDC, we started using FreeStyle Libre Pro on 25th March 2015.

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