6. Make it a habit to eat Peanuts for good heart health

Heart health is a major concern for people with diabetes. Some studies have suggested that as many as 80 per cent of people with diabetes will die from heart disease. High intake of nuts has been linked to a reduced risk of mortality. Researchers examined the association of nut consumption with total and cause-specific mortality in Americans of African and European descent who were predominantly of low socioeconomic status (SES) and in Chinese individuals in Shanghai, China.

3 large cohorts were evaluated in the study. One included 71 764 US residents of African and European descent, primarily of low SES, who were participants in the Southern Community Cohort Study (SCCS), and the other 2 cohorts included 134 265 participants in the Shanghai Women’s Health Study (SWHS) and the Shanghai Men’s Health Study (SMHS) in Shanghai, China. Self-reported nut consumption in the SCCS (approximately 50% were peanuts) and peanut-only consumption in the SMHS/SWHS were assessed using validated food frequency questionnaires.

Nut intake was inversely associated with risk of total mortality in all 3 cohorts. Nut consumption was also associated with decreased overall and cardiovascular disease mortality across different ethnic groups and among individuals from low SES groups. Previous studies have shown that individuals who consume peanuts more than two times a week have a lower risk of coronary heart disease. This study indicates the protective effect of peanut consumption and its beneficial effect on heart health.

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