Issue 26, December 2010
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In this issue of JDC Diabetes gems, Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev in his monthly Video reviews the revolutionary and successful therapies for diabetes in the year 2010.

It is a known factor that heart disease and stroke are linked to erectile dysfunction. But a new large population study proves that erectile dysfunction is an early sign of heart disease, the reason being the tiny arteries in the penis affected by atherosclerosis well before the larger ones carrying blood to heart. Another new study says that increases in fasting plasma glucose during childhood, even though levels remain in the normal range can predict adult pre-diabetes. The first and second articles describe the above two study results respectively .

Scientists discovered a new mechanism for controlling blood sugar level. You can gather more information from the third article. This issue's news letter also provides information about the most sought after Holy Grail for kidney patients - world's first artificial kidney device.

Women should be more careful about their diet during pregnancy, because it can alter the Circadian rhythm of child and can lead to obesity. You will get more information from the diet session. A practical solution to stop weight regain is also included in the diet part.

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Erectile Dysfunction- An early sign for Heart Disease
A new study ( published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology) in T2 diabetes men shows that Erectile dysfunction may be an early sign of potential heart-related problems including death from any related cause compared to those.........
Even Kids within Normal Glucose Range Prone to Diabetes later
A retrospective cohort study showed increases in fasting plasma glucose during childhood, even if it is in the normal range, can predict adult pre-diabetes........
Discovery of a New Mechanism for Controlling Blood Sugar Level
Scientists at the University of Leicester have identified a new mechanism for controlling blood sugar level in our blood following a meal. They have found that a particular protein called M3-muscarinic receptor is helping to maintain near normal blood sugar levels........
The Holy Grail of Kidney patients – Artificial Kidney
Is the era of dialysis and kidney transplants coming to an end? The new age of artificial kidney is on the anvil. An Indian origin researcher- Shuvo Roy and his team at the University of California in the US had developed the first bio-implantable artificial kidney.........
Diet in Pregnancy disrupts Biological Clock of Child, making it Obese
According to a new study mother's diet during pregnancy can make changes in the circadian rhythm of child, making it obesity prone. The researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston found that high-fat diet altered the function of fetal genes that..........
Maintaining reduced weight after weight loss
After weight loss, diet higher in protein and low in glycemic index helps to maintain weight. A study in the Nov. 25 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that a maintenance diet higher in protein and with a modest reduction in the glycemic..........
Diabetes Medicine Updates
1. Diabetes drug Metformin could also work against Alzheimer's
2. Bromocriptine in T2 Diabetes..........

JDC Updates
Diabscreen Kerala free Camp: Peroorkkada
Diabscreen Kerala conducted a free camp at Peroorkkada. The program was organised by Kesavadev Trust in association with Freemen's club and City Lions Club at Freemen's tower..........

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